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Update on VAT 2014 Bill currently debated in TZ parliament:
For new bookings taken before VAT 2014 Bill is confirmed: For all safaris confirmed by a deposit there will be no VAT increase on our camp rates until the Bill is passed.
There is however the possibility of 18% VAT being added on National Park entry fees. As Park fees are paid to Tanapa at the time of stay,
we cannot avoid paying any increase in park fees, should it be instituted. (This would be about USD 5.4 pppn increase on the current USD 30 pppn in Ruaha)
For new bookings taken after 1st Nov 2014 we will issue information later.


Mbweni Ruins Hotel is no longer part of Adventure Camps. All bookings in place will of course be honoured.
To make a reservation please contact

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We are often asked if we have WiFi at our camps - the answer is no.
All the camps have satellite internet in the offices for business communication but bandwith is limited do to the high costs.
The managers can send an email out for you if necessary, but we ask that you do not ask to use the internet except in emergency.

PLease note that in Tanzania US Dollar notes from 2003 or earlier are no longer legal tender and cannot be accepted by Tanzanian banks.
We cannot accept them as payment for drinks and expenses in our hotel and camps - so please check that you are not carrying any with you to Tanzania.

Visitors to Tanzania should be aware that our bush camps do not have credit card facilities.
We kindly ask you when arranging your travel money that tourism establishments in Tanzania generally accept
only Tanzanian Shillings and USD for extra payments such as drinks, laundry service, tips and gift shop purchases.

From 1st June 2013 there is a "late departure" extra day's park or reserve entry fees charged at Selous (USD 75 pp) or Ruaha (USD 30 pp)
if you stay more than 24 hours on your last day.
For bookings already in place, If you have not been invoiced for this at time of booking, it will be payable at the camp before you leave.

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Great photos taken by our guests:

If you have been to any of our properties and would like to share some of your photos with us,
please send to and we'll put them here for everyone to see!

Click here to see more images by our Guests

We are fortunate enough to have had a visit from a very talented photographer - Ruth Greenfield, from UK.

Ruaha lion

Ruaha Sunset


Safari News:

Did you know Giraffes can growl?!

Selous Impala August 2014 Game Diary - by Ezra llomo

EZra llomo

Ezra llomo, guide at Selous Impala Camp

My name is Ezra LLomo,I was born in 1977 in Kibao village in Iringa region which is in the southern part of Tanzania. I completed my secondary education in Kidugala seminary school in Tanzania . I joined Tour Guide College and Hotel Management in 2002 and I studied my field guide course for two years, in Mikumi National Park. I’ ve been working for Impala Camp since 8 years.

Selous Giraffes

I love driving out around 6am from Impala camp as the sun rises, the light changing from rose to gold - going out looking for predators and observing the nature.

Selous Hyaena

During one of these drives we saw a group of spotted hyenas attacking a newborn giraffe calf which was only about one hour old. The hyenas , having smelled the placenta scent, moved to attack the baby giraffe that, unfortunately, was not strong enough to run away. The desperate mother giraffe did her best to protect the calf by kicking and spitting saliva from her mouth , while making a growling sound, but it was not enough to scare the hyenas away. In the end they killed the calf and shared the carcass amongst each other. It was a very rare event hearing the giraffe making a sound, because most of the time they are mute.

Selous Hyaena

Even if it was a very cruel scene… this is the bush with its own rules.

Read more Selous Impala Game Diaries: Selous Impala Camp Game Diary

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Mdonya Old River Camp - July 2014 Newsletter


News from the Environment

Elephant at Mdonya camp

The dry season is definitely here to stay now in spite of two very brief and unexpected showers two days in succession recently. At night we've experienced heavy cloud cover early evening which is good for keeping the cold away but by the time the guests retire to their tents, the cloud has lifted and we see the stars in all their glory. Most frequently asked about in terms of astronomy is the Southern Cross which we able to see quite clearly. The early mornings are still very cold - sometimes down to 7 or 8 degrees but it soon warms up and it means we are treated to the sight of the tree hyraxes warming themselves in the openings of the giant sycamore fig the other side of the river bed from the dining tent. The butterflies are here in abundance now in search of water. Almost daily you can see the vegetation changing colour as it becomes dryer and dryer and the game is becoming more visible which is an added advantage for the guests.  

The Great Ruaha River continues to flow but the Mdonya River has almost dried up now with the occasional rivulet remaining. Already the elephants are starting to dig for water which helps everyone else who has to patiently wait in line for their turn to drink the filtered water which comes up through the sand. 
Download Sue Stolberger's July 2014 update on the Great Ruaha River.

Ruaha river July 2014 

News from Sightings

Ruaha Leopard

Our guests have been well rewarded this month with wonderful leopard, cheetah and lion sightings.

A number of the lion sightings have shown cubs, some as young as 3 - 4 weeks which has entertained everyone. Some of the cubs are slightly larger but it all goes to show we still have a healthy lion population in Ruaha - long may it continue.

We have been lucky enough to have 3 large herds of buffalo in the camp vicinity. The largest herd to date has been estimated at 800. 

Hyena pups

Our most exciting and enchanting sighting this season has to be our delectable hyena cubs - 4 in total. We were lucky enough to find a den close to the side of the road within 25 mins' drive of the camp.  At first they would all scurry back underground as we approached in the vehicles but now their curiousity has gotten the better of them and they are now brave enough to sometimes approach the vehicles.  They are a true delight to sit and watch & are guaranteed to lift your spirits and increase your love of all things wild here in Ruaha.




Your Tracks on our Path



“Thank you for an amazing stay, we have seen such a diversity of animals, landscape and trees with lots of lions to satisfy or big cat enthusiasm. The staff has been fantastic, the locals in the camp so polite and attentive, with our guide Albert, the most knowledgeable that we have ever come across. Thanks!”

Terry and Jodie – England 

"Thank you so much for this fantastic experience. Our first time to Africa wouldn’t have been better! Thanks to the warm and kind staff, to our guide Jumanne so well prepared and patient to answer our thousand questions! And very good Sicilian-African driver Emanuel and Riccardo, so kind and prepared! Hope to come back soon!"

July – England 

"It was so beautiful to see the African wilderness lead through by our guide Maulidi and our driver Edmund who both did a fantastic job showing us all the great animals. Thank you for this fantastic view of real Africa."

Sebastian and Meitze – Germany  

"Dear Mary and team, this was the most amazing weekend getaway we had! Thank you very much for taking care of the little details and the wonderful hospitality. We are looking forward to be back for our next trip back. Thank you!"

Mihir and Khusboo – Dar Es Salaam

Our Wild Friends - Elephants and more...

Our regular elephants have returned - we had great excitement earlier this month when a small breeding herd actually came into the camp quite a few times - including a baby which we estimated to be under year old.  The mother was calm and unconcerned and even brought her baby right up to the dining tent - a wonderful sight which kept our guests well entertained.

Elephant at Mdonya camp

Mdonya solar panel

Sikiu Mbovu has returned with a vengance this season!  His thirst for "clean" water has caused us many problems as he has developed a taste for the water from the solar panel pipes so our plumber and other workers have been kept very busy trying to keep one step ahead of him. Taiko, our resident Masai elephant has tried every trick he knows but still he seems to be ahead of us in the intelligence stakes. In spite of his antics which have left us without water on quite a few occasions, he still remains a firm favourite in camp.

Our latest addition to our "Wild Friends" is a serval which has been seen many times now in camp - sometimes as early as 7 p.m.  Our genets continue to frequent the camp along with the hyenas but are not normally seen nowadays until later in the evening - usually when the guests are en route back to their tents.


From Mary, Riccardo and all Mdonya Old River Camp Staff... we wish you a great safari in Tanzania!

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Lake Manze Tented Camp - Newsletter August 2014

News from the Environment

With the start of August we have felt a change in the weather. The days have been getting noticeably hotter and the nights warmer. Most of the trees have lost their leaves and the Long Pod Cassia Cassia abbreviata has burst into flower adding a dash of colour around the camp. Not only does the Cassia tree have pretty yellow flowers the roots are traditionally used for treating malaria and pneumonia and it is said that the smells of crushed levels drive snakes from their holes. Quite a useful tree to have in camp!


The water levels have continued to drop at a fast rate and our boat operators inform us that in the 8 years the camp has been running they have never seen the water levels this low in August. It is thought that the rapidly dropping water levels is due to the heavy rainfall that we received earlier this year which resulted in the channels naturally becoming deeper by the sheer amount of water draining from the lakes out to the Rufiji River. The deeper channels are now draining more water from the Lake Manze than usual. The boat trips are still a great way to get out and see things. Hippos and crocodiles aplenty are seen in the deeper pools. The baby storks are getting bigger and leaving the tree top nests and are seen along the banks.

Storks in Selous

The low level of the water does have an upside. It makes for very good fishing. We had two records set this last week of August for the most fish caught on one trip this season which was a grand total of 13 fish and the biggest catfish caught which weighed 28.5 pounds (13 kg) caught by Chloe and Reuben.

Selous fishing

Though it is not just us who are enjoying the good fishing big flocks of storks, pelicans and other birds are seen gathering round low streams catching fish in the shallow water. 

In some areas of the reserve they have started doing controlled burning and we can from time to time see the fires burning in the distance. 

News from Sightings

August has been a very good month for seeing lions stalking, killing and eating their prey. It is almost every day that we hear reports back from our guests that they have seen lions on a very fresh kill and some guests even saw the lions take down a zebra on one occasion and a wildebeest on a different occasion. Some of the lions decided to change their menu and took down a young hippo. This was an unusual sighting as it is difficult for the lion’s teeth to penetrate the hippo’s tough skin and the hippo’s strong neck makes it difficult for the lions to strangle the hippo to death. 

Lions with hippo.

Our guide Samwel provided us with this picture of the lions with the hippo kill, sadly this will be his last contribution to our newsletter as he is going on to further his education, we wish him all the best.
Wild dogs have not been seen as frequently in the area this month as they were in July however we have still had some great sightings of them and they even ran through camp early one morning sending the resident impala into panic mode. Two of our guests this month were treated to an unusual and magnificent sighting of two big male Kudus fighting. The quest for finding the elusive leopard has continued to challenge our drivers and guides. Though one day they managed to get the jackpot of not only seeing three leopards in one day but seeing all three leopards in one big baobab tree! It was a mother leopard and her two cubs. Thank you to Paul and Sarah for sharing some of your photos of this beautiful sighting with us.

Selous leopards

Selous Leopards

The most unusual and rare sighting this month has got to be a “White Buffalo”. This buffalo was seen amongst a herd of around 300 buffalo, it stood out against the rest and from a distance we initially thought that it must have been rolling in some light coloured dust but from a closer look we could see that it was in fact the colour of the animal’s skin. We had heard stories of alleged “White Buffalos” being seen high up in the Udzungwa Mountains but not of any being seen here in the Selous. 

White buffalo

Your Tracks on our Path


"As a family, we have loved our experience here at Lake Manze. The array of wild animals has been spectacular, our guide / driver Bakari has extensive knowledge which has been fantastic too. Thank you for the hospitality." Rachel, Illi, Alisi, Eva and Jonah, 3.8.14

"To all at Lake Manze, We can here for the first part of our honeymoon trip, never having done a safari or been to Africa before. We have been utterly amazed by the beautiful setting, friendly staff and the wonderful wildlife we have seen. We never expected to see a herd of 30 Elephants drinking at the river, stunning Kingfishers on the lake or even the oddly sweet Hyena cubs. It has truly been the trip of a lifetime made all the more special by our last night’s candle lit dinner overlooking the lake in our tent, visited by the resident Elephant! With many many thanks for a trip we will never forget."
Chris and Rowena 4.8.14

"Wow! A huge thank you to everybody at Lake Manze camp. An incredible safari experience, with wonderful guides and brave drivers. We saw everything from tiny birds to the big cats (including the elusive Leopard) and have loved every minute. We leave sadly but contently and with very full stomachs! You have all made this an amazing honeymoon that we will never forget."
Sarah and Paul 9.8.14

"Thank you for 3 of the most memorable days of our lives. Our first safari and we really could not have enjoyed ourselves more. Special thanks to Alfred, Herbert and Elton for Guiding and driving us. They played a huge part in making it all so special."
Rick, Clare, Alice and Tom 10.8.14

"AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We don’t want to leave, fantastic place, lovely staff, and many memorable experiences!! Thank you for making the start of our honeymoon so unforgettable. Everyone has gone out of their way to do this for us. We won’t forget any of you and we are going to start saving so we can come back! See you in 10 years."
Kate and Ted (Jonas)

"A wonderful quiet spot to sit and recharge, a choice of activities if we wanted which you were awesome at coordinating. Loved having the animals so close! Awesome service."
Janet Mann, Jim, Karen, Andrea and Erica Scott.

"This was the best experience of our lives, we came expecting a lot and it far exceeded our expectations. The staff are very warm and friendly and the food was great. The all-day safari was amazing, we saw a fresh Lion kill and all the animals we had hoped to see. We would definitely love to come back."
Jan, Tim and Ollie 24.8.14

"This was our first safari and what a wonderful time we have had. We have enjoyed every moment from the sun rise to the sunset. The staff are all so friendly and can’t do enough to help. We are all so sad to leave. Thank you so very much for making this the most wonderful and memorable holiday."
Jane, Chloe and Reuben Fishlock (Dorset, England) 27.08.14 



Our Wild Friends - Elephants

The ripe Doum Palm nuts in all the Palm trees around camp has made the camp a popular place for the baboons and elephants to hang out as the feast on these delicacies.

Our resident breeding herd of 16 elephants and their calves have been in camp very regularly much to our delight and we have been fortunate in getting some special sightings of the interactions within the herd such as this interaction between two of the calves as is seen in this video clip.
The older one was protecting the younger one (Dundee) by getting him to go round to the far side so that the bigger calf was protecting him from us.

Watch the video clip of baby elephants from Steve.

Another occasion that same calf was walking past the lounge area during lunch with his mum and big sister and he decided that it was time for a nap and lay down and went to sleep with his head on the path.
The mother elephant wondered off leaving the older sister to stay and babysit the sleeping calf. She was clearly not impressed by the calf’s choice of place to nap and nervously kept watch over him.
After about 20 minutes she decided she had stayed for long enough and gave him a little kick to wake him up and off they went to join the rest of the herd.

Elephants at Manze

Just as I finished writing last month’s newsletter on how we hadn’t seen much of Lyagos in July he turned up on the 1st of August and he did his usual round of saying hello to everyone by walking past the lounge and office, squeezing through the gap in the fence and stopping by the kitchen and then going past the manager houses on his way out.
We have seen him several times since then, one morning he even put on an impressive show as he claimed the camp his territory by chasing off another big bull who was wondering through camp.

Watch the video clip of Laygos shaking a tree while Jabba watches admired.

 elephant at Lake Manze

The baboons have been spending most days in the trees and on the ground around the lounge picking and eating the ripe palm nuts.
Having them around provides regular meal time entertainment though also presents a challenge of getting in and out of the lounge without having a falling nut land on you.




from Rebecca, Steve, Samuele and all Lake Manze Camp Staff... we wish you a great safari in Tanzania! 

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Leopard on car in Ruaha - photo by Bobby Jewell

Watch an amazing video of a leopard climbing onto one of our vehicles on a game drive from Mdonya Old River camp in Ruaha

For the story go to this newspage

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Safari Diary by Alan Montgomery, who visited all 5 of our properties in Nov-Dec 2012

Link to Danish translation for our Scandinavian readers.

Selous Leopard

Sunday 25 November - Impala Camp, Selous Game Reserve

We arrived this morning from rainy England.
After a short plane ride with Coastal Aviation, we land at Mtemere Airstrip in the Selous Game Reserve, where we are met by a guide and driver and taken to Selous Impala Camp. There we are welcomed by the Italian Managers, Barbara and Andrea.

read more.....

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Steve Brynes runs a Safari blog, and has written some great articles about his stays at Kwihala and at Selous Impala :

The Safari Advisor

Kwintessential Kwihala: A Gem in Rugged Ruaha  - by Steve Brynes

Ruaha Lions  Ruaha Jackals

“Go West,” American journalist Horace Greeley famously advised young men looking for personal success in mid-nineteenth century America
Lounging at the airport in Arusha, I mused that the same advice appeared to be in play for the majority of visitors to Tanzania as they waited
to fly west to such iconic places as Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti in pursuit of safari success.
I’m not a young man, but my faculties are still reasonably intact, so I instead headed south to Ruaha,
a park known for its large elephant and buffalo herds, as well as its lion prides that can include twenty-plus members.
This course was set after much research, including extensive reading and speaking with those in the know, all of which presaged
a world-class safari without that major distraction of the northern venues…..people. And in much the same way, I decided on Kwihala,
a camp located near the Mwagusi River, an area renowned for its outstanding game viewing, as my base for a 7-day stay in October 2012.

read more....

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Mdonya Sightings

Lake Manze Sightings

Alan Montgomery Safari Nov-Dec 2012

Steve Brynes visit to Selous Impala Camp 2011

Dominic Oldridge Safaris in Selous October 2010 and 2011:
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Click here to see a slideshow of Dominic's photos of the lions and leopards
Click here for a slideshow of weaver birds in Selous October 2011

Claire Robertson Safari June 2011

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Please note that children of 15 years and younger are not permitted to go on walking safaris in the Selous or Ruaha.



Pietro in Ruaha  Pietro Luraschi

We are especially grateful to Pietro Luraschi, who has taken many of the photos on this website.
Pietro was manager of both Selous Impala (2005) and Mdonya Old River (2005 and 2006)
and has done special guiding for Selous Impala in 2007.


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