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Update on VAT 2014 Bill currently debated in TZ parliament:
For new bookings taken before VAT 2014 Bill is confirmed: For all safaris confirmed by a deposit there will be no VAT increase on our camp rates until the Bill is passed.
There is however the possibility of 18% VAT being added on National Park entry fees. As Park fees are paid to Tanapa at the time of stay,
we cannot avoid paying any increase in park fees, should it be instituted. (This would be about USD 5.4 pppn increase on the current USD 30 pppn in Ruaha)
For new bookings taken after 1st Nov 2014 we will issue information later.


Mbweni Ruins Hotel is no longer part of Adventure Camps. All bookings in place will of course be honoured.
To make a reservation please contact

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We are often asked if we have WiFi at our camps - the answer is no.
All the camps have satellite internet in the offices for business communication but bandwith is limited do to the high costs.
The managers can send an email out for you if necessary, but we ask that you do not ask to use the internet except in emergency.

Visitors to Tanzania should be aware that our bush camps do not have credit card facilities.
We kindly ask you when arranging your travel money that tourism establishments in Tanzania generally accept
only Tanzanian Shillings and USD for extra payments such as drinks, laundry service, tips and gift shop purchases.

PLease note that in Tanzania US Dollar notes from 2003 or earlier are no longer legal tender and cannot be accepted by Tanzanian banks.
We cannot accept them as payment for drinks and expenses in our hotel and camps - so please check that you are not carrying any with you to Tanzania.

From 1st June 2013 there is a "late departure" extra day's park or reserve entry fees charged at Selous (USD 75 pp) or Ruaha (USD 30 pp)
if you stay more than 24 hours on your last day.
For bookings already in place, If you have not been invoiced for this at time of booking, it will be payable at the camp before you leave.

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Great photos taken by our guests:

If you have been to any of our properties and would like to share some of your photos with us,
please send to and we'll put them here for everyone to see!

Click here to see more images by our Guests

We are fortunate enough to have had a visit from a very talented photographer - Ruth Greenfield, from UK.

Ruaha lion

Ruaha Sunset


Safari News:

Selous Impala Newsletter December 2014 - by Gerard Willy Mwakila - African Fish Eagles on the Rufiji River

Gerard Willy Mwakila

My Name is Gerard Willy Mwakila, I was born in 1979 in Mbeya Region in the Southern part of Tanzania. My tribe is called Nyakyusa.
I worked with the anti poaching units in patrolling and protecting wild animals and, after graduating in Arusha, I joined the guiding staff of Selous Impala Camp where I have been working since 2000.

African Fish Eagle, Rufiji River

Do you know that African Fish Eagles can use their talons in collecting nesting material?

Boat Safaris are one of our daily activities and one day, just before sunset, we had a good sighting of an African fish eagle using an interesting tactic - employing its magnificent talons to collect nesting material in order to repair the nest.

African Fish Eagle, Rufiji River

It was not too easy pulling the branches out of the mud.

African Fish Eagle, Rufiji River

These beautiful birds mate for life and they use the same nest every breeding season, male and female working together building it - and both of them look after the chicks.

African Fish Eagle, Rufiji River

I will be glad to welcome you to share the amazing bird and wildlife along the Rufijii river, the longest in East Africa!

Karibu Sana Selous Impala

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Mdonya Old River Newsletter - November 2014




News from the Environment

Combretum flowers

The majority of November continued to become hotter and hotter with very little let up except at night. 

The ground, and what grass remained, was totally parched and then, thankfully - just before the end of the month, the first "proper" rains came. 

We have since then received more rain, not on a daily basis but enough to really kick start the new growth and the shimmer of green from last month has become a more solid green which is great news for us all. Some of the sand rivers have flowed for the first time but will soon reduce to a trickle again until we get prolonged rain. 

Mdonya Falls has a way to go before it starts to fill properly & it will be a while before we can hear it thundering in camp.  

The termites are busy emerging and the camp reverberates to the sound of the bees early morning as they busily collect the pollen from the delicate acacia flowers.

Mdonya camp

News from Sightings

Lion sightings have continued unabated this month with many guests spending time watching the lion cubs which, at times, have been very close to camp. At night we have had regular visits from 5 of our pride much to the excitement of some of the guests, others a little more reserved in their excitement!  We have been fortunate enough to see one or two lion come through camp at night before guests retire to their tents.  

Ruaha leopard kill

Ruaha leopard kill

Leopard sightings also continue to delight our guests - one guest in particular was fortunate to witness an amazing attempt at a territorial take over near Kimilamatonge. One smaller leopard chose to attempt to take over the territory of a larger male and the ensuing battle was quite spectacular - hissing, spitting, growling, claws out and chasing each other from tree to tree. Finally the larger leopard could no longer pursue the smaller one up a baobab tree as it was just too exhausted and after 3 attempts to climb the tree, fell back and retreated a distance - no doubt to lie in wait for its rival to come down.  

We have had cheetah sightings this month but not to the same extent as last month.  

Ruaha cheetah 

Your Tracks on our Path


 "Short though unforgettable stay with you all!  Thank you for a fantastic safari.  You have a great team." Cath & Adrian - U.K. 4 - 6.11.14

"What a fantastic camp!  WE loved the rustic feel + all the animals passing through - lions, elephants, warthog, baboons and more.  A fabulous first safari for us and hopefully not the last!" Anna & Dave - U.K. 

"Thank you to Mary, our Jumane and driver Godson and all of the fabulous team that have made our stay at Mdonya so special. We have had an amazing time and learnt so much about the beautiful land, animals, birds and trees of the area.  Food and lodgings have been fantastic.  Thank you so much." Ged and Darren - London, U.K.   

"Fabulous camp.  Thank you to everyone for a fantastic stay in the bush.  Friendly staff, great food, excellent drivers and guides and safe in the company of the wonderful Masai.  Thank you." Andrea Hulme - U.K. 11th November 

"Thank you so much for this beautiful weekend.  Our two guides were great - Prosper and Christian.  Congratulations - hope to be back soon.  We saw such beautiful countryside, animals etc. Everyone at the camp was so careful, smiling, the food was excellent and a big hug to Mary.  So many thanks for everything.  We do hope to be back with our whole family." Jean Francois and Patricia - Mauritius - 22.11.14

 "Thank you so much for the most wonderful stay.  The safari was excellent and the accommodation is perfect.  I will remember the lions roaring in the middle of the night for a long time to come.  Asante sana." Sophie

Our Wild Friends - Serval & Elephants


We continue to see our serval from time to time but not so much actually in the camp, just outside the perimeter of the car park and some guests were lucky enough to actually get some wonderful shots of her just sitting and watching them. It is a rare treat. 

Now that the rains have come our pachyderm friends will no doubt disperse - some 2 weeks ago we had no less than 34 in camp which made moving around camp a little hazardous! 

Sikiu will no doubt move on in a short while but he is still around the office eating from the surrounding combretum. He continues to be the camp clown and gentle giant.  

Once again thank you to all our great guests whose enthusiasm is a joy be around - we do hope you will return again but if not, your memories from Mdonya will stay with you forever. 

Mdonya elephant


From Mary and all Mdonya Old River Camp Staff... we wish you a great safari in Tanzania!

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Lake Manze Camp - November 2014 Newsletter

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Leopard on car in Ruaha - photo by Bobby Jewell

Watch an amazing video of a leopard climbing onto one of our vehicles on a game drive from Mdonya Old River camp in Ruaha

For the story go to this newspage

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Safari Diary by Alan Montgomery, who visited all 5 of our properties in Nov-Dec 2012

Link to Danish translation for our Scandinavian readers.

Selous Leopard

Sunday 25 November - Impala Camp, Selous Game Reserve

We arrived this morning from rainy England.
After a short plane ride with Coastal Aviation, we land at Mtemere Airstrip in the Selous Game Reserve, where we are met by a guide and driver and taken to Selous Impala Camp. There we are welcomed by the Italian Managers, Barbara and Andrea.

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Steve Brynes runs a Safari blog, and has written some great articles about his stays at Kwihala and at Selous Impala :

The Safari Advisor

Kwintessential Kwihala: A Gem in Rugged Ruaha  - by Steve Brynes

Ruaha Lions  Ruaha Jackals

“Go West,” American journalist Horace Greeley famously advised young men looking for personal success in mid-nineteenth century America
Lounging at the airport in Arusha, I mused that the same advice appeared to be in play for the majority of visitors to Tanzania as they waited
to fly west to such iconic places as Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti in pursuit of safari success.
I’m not a young man, but my faculties are still reasonably intact, so I instead headed south to Ruaha,
a park known for its large elephant and buffalo herds, as well as its lion prides that can include twenty-plus members.
This course was set after much research, including extensive reading and speaking with those in the know, all of which presaged
a world-class safari without that major distraction of the northern venues…..people. And in much the same way, I decided on Kwihala,
a camp located near the Mwagusi River, an area renowned for its outstanding game viewing, as my base for a 7-day stay in October 2012.

read more....

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Other Safari News:

Lake Manze Game Diary

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Klein Collection Safari Blog Selous Imapala Camp Dec 2013

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Mdonya Sightings

Lake Manze Sightings

Alan Montgomery Safari Nov-Dec 2012

Steve Brynes visit to Selous Impala Camp 2011

Dominic Oldridge Safaris in Selous October 2010 and 2011:
Click here to see a slideshow of Dominic's fab photos of a Wild Dog kill
Click here to see a slideshow of Dominic's photos of the lions and leopards
Click here for a slideshow of weaver birds in Selous October 2011

Claire Robertson Safari June 2011

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(This form must be signed by all clients when they visit any of our camps)
Please note that children of 15 years and younger are not permitted to go on walking safaris in the Selous or Ruaha.



Pietro in Ruaha  Pietro Luraschi

We are especially grateful to Pietro Luraschi, who has taken many of the photos on this website.
Pietro was manager of both Selous Impala (2005) and Mdonya Old River (2005 and 2006)
and has done special guiding for Selous Impala in 2007.


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