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please send to info@adventurecampstz.com and we'll put them here for everyone to see!

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Selous Leopard  Ground Hornbill with prey

Young lion, Selous  Pied Kingfisher, Selous

Lions drinking, Selous  Young lion and cub, Selous

These photos were taken by Kate Vince while staying at Selous Impala camp in September 2010
For all her photos of this safari see:

Selous lion  Elephants teaching baby to dig for water
  Selous, sleeping lion
Giant Bat, Selous  White-fronted bee-eater, Selous

These photos were taken in Selous by Joergen W Nielsen, who spent 11 days at Impala and Manze camps
in November 2010

Wild Dog kill, Selous 2010  Wild Dog kill, Selous 2010
Wild Dog kill, Selous 2010  Wild Dog kill, Selous 2010

These photos were taken by Simon and Kavitha Pender in Selous and Ruaha in mid 2010.
For more photos by them click here

Selous Sunset
Lion in Doum palms  Rufiji Buffalo

These photos were taken by Charlie Lynam in Selous - December 2010- for more pix click here

Selous Wild Dog
Selous young leopard  Ruaha Lioness

These photos were taken by Nikhil Ravindran in Selous and Ruaha in Dec 2010 for more pix click here

Mbweni Sunset 

Ruaha Cheetah  Ruaha Lion

Baboon mother and baby  Selous Elephants

These photos were taken by Helena and Brian Taylor, who stayed at Selous Impala, Mdonya Old River and Mbweni Ruin Hotel, in October 2010

Helena and Brian Taylor Safari Oct 2010

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Yellow Baboons  African Yellow Bat

Big fish for a small crocodile  Hippo Jaws 

Lions stuck in the mud

Click here for more photos by Leo Ceriotti who stayed at Impala camp in Sept 2010

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  Selous Lion  Stacey, Nick and Giraffe

Selous lion cub  Fish Eagle hunting

Selous Girafe  Selous Hippo

Selous Crocodile 

  Selous Wild Dog

Stacey and Nick, Rufiji   Stacey and Nick Bowker

In September 2010 Stacey Taylor and Nick Bowker stayed at Selous Impala.
They then went to Zanzibar for a romantic wedding!

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Ruaha Elephants

Ruaha Leopard  Ruaha Giraffe

Ruaha Buffalo  Ruaha Cheetah

Ruaha Lion  Ruaha Leopard

Photos by Conny Moosbauer while staying at Mdonya Old River camp in Ruaha, Sept 2010

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White-throated Bee-eater Selous  Egret fishing

Lion cub with mother  Vervet monkeys

Selous Wild Do  Impala males fighting

Photos by Carl Moxley in selous and Ruaha August 2010

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We have to say a special thankyou to Dominic Oldridge, one of our guests at Selous Impala campa and flycamp in June 2010,
for allowing us to use so many of his excellent photos on our website.

He stayed with us again at Selous Impala and Lake Manze in October 2011.

Click here for Dom's slideshow of weaver birds in Selous

Here are a few samples of his work:

Wild dogs breakfast on Impala
Wild dogs breakfast on Impala

Lion Affection  Beautiful Camouflage

Hasty retreat
Leopard beats a hasty retreat (lions eat dinner at base of tree)

Click here to see a slideshow of Dominic's fab photos of this Wild Dog kill
Click here to see a slideshow of Dominic's photos of the Lions and Leopards


Selous, Masaai Hyaena

Yellow-billed stork

Photos by Donald Miralle/www.donaldmiralle.com

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Ruaha leopard

Selous Crocodile  Selous Hippo

Selous lion cub  selous lion family

Malachite Kingfisher  Carmine Bee-eater

Fish Eagles  Great White Egret

Lilac-breasted Roller, Ruaha

Photos taken by Chris and Lucy Harris in Ruaha and Selous February 2010

Pearl spotted Owlet ruaha 2010
Pearl-spotted Owlet - photo taken by Fred Hodgson, Ruaha 2010

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