Feb-March 2010

Day 1 of Diary

Day 5 - Lake Manze Camp, Selous Game Reserve

Mother leopardess with cub  Shy male leopard cub
Freddie Crawford, a guest at Impala camp, took these photos of the leopardess with her cubs in October 2009

After breakfast, I spoke to Victor, one of the guides at Manze camp, about the two orphaned leopard cubs whose mother was killed in November. He told me that they have both been seen recently, just a couple of times, alive and well! The last sighting was a week ago - the male cub was very shy and quite thin, but the female was much bigger and more confident. Richard thought that they may have survived because in November the short rains started and they would have been able to get food in the form of insects and small mammals.
Everyone is very pleased and we all hope they may be strong enough to grow to maturity.

Lunch with elephants
"Rafiki" comes to check us out at lunch time

There was some fun at lunch time - we sat in the dining room when two elephants came by (a fairly common occurrence at Manze) - one of them, christened "Rafiki" (friend) was very curious and came up to take a really good look at Richard!

I worked in the camp all day, uploading my diary to the website. In the evening at teatime, there was heavy rain which was a welcome relief - the air cooled instantly. That evening we had to eat dinner inside the lodge, and the drumming of rain on the roof was very pleasant. I shared the umbrella of the Masaai askari who escorted me safely to my tent. That night I slept deeply in the fresher air and woke to joyous birdsong next day.

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