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Fausto Ciardo Chania Watts

Fausto "l'Africano" Ciardo, Manager

Fausto was born in Italy in 1976. After finishing his studies he decided that city life was not for him,
so he decided to travel and experience different cultures. He lived in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Madagascar and Kenya
before coming to Tanzania, to Selous Game Reserve and feels that it is amazing how living in the wild can give him so much satisfaction.
Lorenzo Zanacchi is supporting him at Impala camp.

Chania Watts, Assistant Manager

Chania was born in UK in 1993 and grew up in Kenya.
She developed a passion for the African bush and all it had to offer.

She completed all her schooling in Kenya and has recently returned from South Africa, having completed her fgasa level 1 qualification.


Most of the Staff at Selous Impala have obtained certificates in the PADI course for Emergency First Response.

These are the people who will look after you, preparing your tents, working in the kitchen, taking you on the river and on game drives:

Gerard Willy
Saidi Salumu Toboke
Denis Mchopa

Gerhard Willy - Driver and guide

Saidi Salumu Toboke - boat driver

Dennis Mchopa - Driver and guide

Ezra Liomo
Rajabu Mussa Makombozi

Ezra A. Liomo, guide

Rajabu Musa Makombozi - driver

Khalidi Mtile
Omari Ally Mahanja
Victor Mbepera

Khalidi Mtile - driver

Omari Ally Mahanja - Guide

Victor Mbepera - Driver

Faidha Ally
Victor Mafuta
Andrew Singinika

Faidha Ally - boat driver

Victor Mafuta - Driver

Andrew Singinika - Guide

Moshi Hamisi
Mohammed Malim Abdullah

Moshi Hamisi, Boat Driver

Mohammed Malim Abdullah, chef

Hassan Zuberi
Evans Mmochi
David William Gore

Hassan Zuberi - flycamp staff and Tent Attendant

Evans Aloyce Mmochi - Waiter

David William Gore, waiter

Pascal Packsens
Sepa Abdallah, chef

Pascal Packsens, Chef

Sepa Abdallah, chef

Boaz Samwle Masangaulila

Boaz Samwele Masanagulila, kitchen

Salum Mwezegule

Omari Ndete
Sam Makubi

Omari Ndete - Maintenance

Sam Makubi - Tent Attendant

Robert Masanagulila - Tent Attendant

Raphael Pius
Abdallah Kisamvu
Nelson Issa Masenyengu

Raphael Pius - Laundry

Abdallah Kisamvu - dishwasher

Nelson Issa Masenyengu, laundry

Frederick Gore

Hamisi Kutoka
Sultani Ali Mfumbili

Frederick Gore - Tent Attendant

Hamisi Suko, Gardener

Sultani Ali Mfumlbili, gardener and groundsman

Mohamed Mtagalala
Leonard Garusi

Mohamed Mtagalala, Carpenter

Leonard Garusi - Mechanic

Frank Kisongo Panda Askari
Frank Kisongo Panda
Impala Masaai
Masaai Lukwa
Lukuwa Malau

Frank Mlama
Frank Mlama

Emmanuel Rejua
Emmanuel Rejua
Masaai Ismail
Esmail Mwesongo
Yakobo Kaunda
Yakobo Kaunda
Lumpeni Kimais
Lumpeni Kimais

Maasai Askaris escort you around the camp, always on the lookout for any animals

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